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"My work is like a jigsaw with a lot of shape cutting and layering to create the feeling of being there; on that shore, in that castle, down that street". When I am working on an art piece, I am always at my location, whether I am drawing it, photographing it or working at my studio. It gives me a thrill to recreate the environment I see and feel.


Welcome to my website.


I live in Dorset and I am absolutely passionate about Dorset's magnificent wealth of coast and countryside. I have walked and worked in much of West Dorset and Purbeck for 25 years. My art reflects that interest and I am constantly working to create art that will make you the viewer feel as much a part of that landscape as I do. If you are interested to see my exhibitions, please go to "Where you can see my work".




Bats Head.jpg

This is just one of the fabulous sections of coastline that I have walked and worked in. I don't know how many times I've been up and down this hill at Bat's Head. I'm sure I must have created one of those paths just myself! I can still feel the hard soil beneath my feet, hear the deep breathing that accompanied me and the adrenaline rush from the incredible views, air and sound of the sea.  In 2022 I decided to recreate this landscape as a Sculpted Landscape. You can see it under "Sculpted Landscapes".

Part of my work allowed me to learn about and appreciate the magnificent wildlife in Dorset. How lucky I was to photograph and paint what I saw.  I have a love of colour and I am keen to explore the mood of the elements and the environment that I am experiencing. Below I have captured a bevy of Mute Swans over Chesil Beach. I can hear the whistle as they beat their enormous wings: so smooth! They fly so fast that the background remains a blur.

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