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I sketched this drawing about a year ago and started introducing pastel to it not long after. I then left it aside, unsure of my progress and have only just returned to finish the picture. In the end I am quite pleased with the results. Wooden frame Size : TBC Price: TBC

Taking in the View INK PENS & CHALK PASTELS

I love the colour that inspired me into drawing this scene. It was such a lovely day, but you needed your coats on. The swimmers were obviously happy enough despite the breeze! I particularly enjoyed blending the pastels and this picture makes me smile. The wooden frame has a slight yellow speckle which brings out the foreground nicely. Size: TBC Price: TBC


I once came across a book illustrating a story and all the black drawings were coloured in green. It is many years ago now, but I have always wanted to draw my own in this way. Here is my version of one of the most beautiful sights along the South West Coast Path. It's wooden frame is a cream/off white colour. Size: TBC Price: £TBC


I was more prescriptive with my sketch, with the drawing of sections that I might use to cut out for my Sculpted Landscape evident. I decided to use crushed chalk in the foreground for the carpark surface in this picture. Again I have used the old postcard colouring method, colouring in after drawing in ink. Green painted wooden frame. Size: TBC Price: TBC


I don't tend to do drawings in colour but I decided to have a go with this, as the pink painted cafe is really a feature. I initially thought of just drawing in pink and black, but having added the sunset I decided it needed more colour dynamics. It is now in a subtle pink painted wooden frame. Size: TBC Price: £TBC


I love a picture with lots of things to look at. I particularly liked the angles that made this picture interesting. It had plenty of horizontal and vertical lines to deal with and lots of details; cars, stonework and shadows to play with. Size: 12 1/2 " x 15 1/2" Price: £ TBC

Bird Observatory DRAWING IN INK PENS

I find it intriguing that there were three Lighthouses on Portland, but delighted to find out that this one is now the Bird Observatory as I am keen on birds. I do like working to achieve the depth and density of the vegetation but at the same time, allowing some of the stronger branches to be visible despite the monochrome colour. Size: 23" x 16" mounted in black wooden frame Price: £ TBC

Pulpit Rock DRAWING in Ink pens

I had a great drawing experience propped on a rock, getting the right profile and avoiding the spray from the sea. I find the water transfixing and enjoyed the wildness that it brings to Portland. There is something very refreshing about drawing against the elements. Size: 21" x 16 1/4", mounted in a black wooden frame. Price: £ 295 Signed mounted print to fit 16" x 12" standard frame. Price £ 55

Swan and Teal DRAWING

There are nearly always Swan to see at Lodmoor Country Park. I love the way they are able to maneuver their handsame necks in such an elegant fashion. Today they are accompanied by many Teal gently energizing the waters around them and creating reflective movement whilst doing so. Size : to be measured Price : £ 150

Portland Lighthouse - DRAWING

I drew this on quite a blustery day. Initially I had it in mind to recreate the vibrant colours of the landscape but as the dark crept in I decided to leave it in black ink to portray more of its significance in this remote spot of Portland. Size: 39 1/2 x 39 1/2 cms in black wooden frame Price: £ 115

Sandsfoot Castle - DRAWING

This drawing has taken me longer to complete than I expected with a few returns to the Rodwell Trail to perfect it. I view it every week as I cycle from my home to and from Portland along the trail. Size : 41 x 39 1/2 cms in black wooden frame Price: £ 210 Signed mounted print (to fit 12" x 12" frame) : £ 43

Crusader Oak DRAWING in Ink pens

Situated in Sturminster Newton this fabulous ancient oak is knotted and bent and full of character. When you consider the life it has sheltered and nurtured and its own life span you cannot begin to imagine the worlds it has grown through. SORRY ORIGINAL SOLD BUT Mounted and signed prints to fit 12" x 12" standard frame £48 Blank card £3 each. Minimun order 6 cards for £15 excluding p+p

Hangman's Cottage, Dorchester - DRAWING

I was sitting beside the River Frome, happily drawing the detail of this lovely and historic scene when suddenly my tin of pens slipped from my knees. Splash and rush and the river took them downstream. Hopefully a lucky peron picked up one or two and continued drawing! SORRY ORIGINAL SOLD, however Signed mounted print (40 1/2 x 28 1/2 cms) £ 48.00 Blank card £3 each. Min order of 6 cards for £15 excluding p+p please.

Copy Cat DRAWING in Ink pens

I drew this cat as a request for a feral cat charity calendar. The photo came showing the cat in a box. I preferred to place my cat in a habitat more appropriate to its character. SORRY ORIGINAL SOLD , however, Mounted signed print to fit a standard 12" x 12" frame. Price £48 Blank card £ 3 each. Minimum order 6 for £15 excluding p + p please.

St Catherine's Chapel, Abbotsbury - DRAWING

St Catherine's Chapel is viewed when driving or walking anywhere towards Abbotsbury at a distance. It sits on top of the hill and has great aqoustics if you sing or play an instrument within it. This was my initial drawing before making the sculpted landscape. SORRY ORIGINAL SOLD, however, Signed mounted Print (to fit 12" x 12" frame) £ 43 Blank Card: £ 3 each. Min order of 6 cards for £15 excluding p+p please.

Dorset Ridgeway  DRAWING IN INK

I have watched pieces of this farmland boundary deteriorate over the years. Happily today volunteers are keen to learn the ancient craft and have rebuilt a wonderful new section of the wall over many volunteer events. I wanted to call this wall “Wendy's Wall” after my friend who so doggedly worked to help rebuild it over years of work as one of the volunteers. Time: 20 hours SORRY ORIGINAL SOLD, Signed mounted print to fit 12" x 16" Price: £ 55 Blank card @ £3 each. Min order of 6 = £15 ex p+p

Dorchester High Street - DRAWING - PRINT ONLY

This is an iconic view of Dorchester and an obvious scene for me to draw of High West Street looking down towards High East Street. Notable buildings here are the Museum and St Peter's Church featuring on the left and the spire of the Corn Exchange further in the distance. SORRY ORIGINAL SOLD, however, Signed mounted print (to fit 16" x 12"frame) : Price: £ 55 Blank card £3 each. Min order of 6 for £15 excluding p+p please.

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